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Letter of Acceptance of Sponsorship

By: Beth Morrisey MLIS - Updated: 25 Aug 2023 | comments*Discuss
Letter Letter Of Acceptance Sponsorship

Accepting the sponsorship of another person or organisation means entering into a new business relationship with that organisation. A letter of acceptance should always start off such a relationship, and should include details of what the newly sponsored person or organisation hopes to gain from the relationship. Using an enthusiastic tone is appropriate, as is a formal format.

Letter of Acceptance: Details

When a sponsorship offer is made it usually includes details of what the prospective sponsor expects to provide in its new capacity. This is often a donation of money, goods and/or services for a specific event or set period of time. When a sponsorship offer is accepted it should provide similar details about the acceptance of these items. These details do not exactly need to match what the prospective sponsor outlined, but if they are significantly different then the letter should include acknowledgement of the differences and make it clear that the two entities will need to meet and formally agree to a compromise. Even if the letter accepts everything as described in the original offer, language should be included that makes it clear that until a more formal contract is signed the deal is not officially done.

Letter of Acceptance: Tone

Much like the tone of a sponsorship offer, the tone of a sponsorship acceptance should be upbeat and enthusiastic. The one noticeable exception to this is if the tone of the original offer was much different. In that case then a better rule of thumb is to simply match the tone of the offer. For the most part, however, using positive vocabulary and including a line or two about how happy the person or organisation is to accept sponsorship and begin an exciting new relationship is entirely appropriate - if not outright expected.

Letter of Acceptance: Format

A letter of acceptance of sponsorship should be formatted as a formal business letter. The writer and recipient's names and job titles should be included, as should the relevant mailing addresses. Formal salutations and closings should be employed. A space should be left open for the writer's signature. Such a letter should be typed and printed on organisation letterhead. If the letter is from a private individual then clean white printing paper is a good option. It is appropriate for a letter of acceptance to be delivered via post or courier.

Sample of a Letter of Acceptance of Sponsorship

Ms. Jane Bourne
Job Title
Organisation Mailing Address


Mr. Daniel Griffin
Job Title
Organisation Mailing Address

Dear Mr. Griffin,

It is with great delight that I am able to accept the offer of sponsorship from [Organisation].

As per your offer, [Organisation] would be happy to accept the [Offered Item] and [Offered Item] for the duration of our [Event] and we would be glad to [Requested Action] in return. Please find attached a signed copy of the sponsorship agreement that you requested. I have retained one for our files as well.

I look forward to discussing the [Event] with you in more detail on [Date] at our [Meeting Type]. Thank you again for your kind offer.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Bourne
Job Title

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