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Letter Informing of an Unsuccessful Interview

By: Beth Morrisey MLIS - Updated: 4 Jun 2012 | comments*Discuss
Letter Interview Unsuccessful Interview

Letters informing candidates of unsuccessful interviews are, for the most part, form letters that can be used for the vast majority of recipients. This means that only generic details are required. In special cases a more personalised letter may be required, so more specific details may be included. As with any other business communication a letter informing of an unsuccessful interview should be formatted formally.

Unsuccessful Interview: Generic Details

There are few details that are actually required to let a candidate know that (s)he was unsuccessful in securing a position following an interview. The letter should come from someone with the authority to notify candidates, for example someone on a hiring committee or a human resources officer, and this person's position should be noted. The candidate's name and address should be spelled correctly and the position for which (s)he interviewed should be noted as well. If the candidate's details are to be kept on file or put towards a panel then this information should be included as well. Candidates should only be invited to apply for future positions if it is believed that (s)he would be an asset to the organisation.

Unsuccessful Interview: Personalised Details

Sometimes a more personalised letter is desired to inform a candidate that (s)he was unsuccessful following an interview. When this is the case then more specific details about why (s)he was unsuccessful may be included. For example, if the position no longer exists, if the organisation is re-structuring, if funding for the position was not secured or if there is a hiring freeze on then this information may be made known in the letter. Sometimes personalised letters may also included advice about the type of experience that might be necessary for a given position or specific ways in which the candidate could make him or herself more attractive for a position in the future. This type of information, however, should be vetted by an organisation's human resources expert before being made known to the unsuccessful candidate.

Unsuccessful Interview Letter Format

A letter informing of an unsuccessful interview should be formatted as a formal business letter. This type of letter should include formal salutations and closing, the job title and organisation for which the writer works, as well as mailing address of both the writer and recipient. This type of letter should also be typed and printed on the organisation's letterhead. Postal delivery or delivery by courier are appropriate for letters advising of unsuccessful interviews.

Sample of a Letter Informing of an Unsuccessful Interview

Mr. Marcus Moore
Job Title
Organisation Mailing Address


Mr. Terry Tanner
Mailing Address

Dear Mr. Tanner,

Thank you for your recent interview with [Organisation] for the position of [Job Title]. It is with regret that I must inform you that after careful consideration you have been unsuccessful on this occasion.

[Organisation] will be keeping your CV on file, and in the event that a position comes open for which you are well suited we will be in contact.

Thank you again for your interest in working with [Organisation].

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Moore
Job Title

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